One of the most well-known chronographs ever is the Omega Speedmaster. It was the first wristwatch ever worn to the Moon. A wide range of watches, from the classic Moonwatch to other high-end timepieces from Omega, are included in this well-liked assortment today.


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Omega Speedmaster Prices in KSA

The Speedmaster collection is enormous and has something for everyone’s taste and budget. From a mint-condition stainless steel Speedmaster Date to a platinum model with the calibre 321, prices range from roughly 12,500 Saudi Riyals to more than SAR 262,500.

Traditional manual calibre and stainless steel case Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 42-mm are the true Omega classics. Almost nothing has changed in its design for decades. The Speedmaster was first designed by Omega in 1957 as a racing chronograph, before it became famous for its role in the Apollo 11 mission. As a result, it has come to be referred to as the “Moonwatch.” Tachymeter scale on the black bezel; 30-minute counter at 3; 12-hour counter at 6; small seconds at 9 o’clock; and a dial with small seconds.

The manual calibre 1861 is fitted to the Omega ref. 311. Caliber 321, which powered Buzz Aldrin’s ref. 105.012 on the Moon, has a significant influence on this movement. In contrast, instead of a column wheel, the 1861 uses a cam switch. The price of this chronograph ranges from SAR 15,750 to SAR 17,500 for new and pre-owned models.

If you’re a fan of vintage-style timepieces, you’ll love the Omega Speedmaster Reference 145.022. The Omega calibre 861 is the engine that drives it. The model debuted in 1968 and was produced until the beginning of the 1980s by the manufacturer. Many examples are available, some even in mint condition, on the open market. This clock will set you back approximately USD 41,250. The average price of a pre-owned watch is roughly SAR 23,500.

Caliber 321 vintage references 145.012 and 105.012 are far more challenging to come by, making them much more expensive. The first takes a SAR 37,500 investment, while the second requires a SAR 45,000 investment.

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