World Time

With the Patek Philippe World Time, travellers will know what time it is both locally and globally. The World Time has become a cult watch among wealthy globetrotters thanks to this feature.


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Patek Philippe World Time

It’s possible to get a Patek World Time for a reasonable price in Saudi Arabia with the reference number 5110. The timepieces in this series, which debuted in 2000, have a 37 mm diameter. A white gold watch in excellent condition will cost you around SAR 99,800. It costs 121,500 to 130,000 Saudi Riyals for the rose gold and platinum versions.

When the ref. 5130 was introduced in 2006. The case had grown to 39.5 mm in diameter. The white gold models, at 121,500 to 130,000 SAR, are the most affordable. On the other hand, Rose gold and platinum versions range in price from 160,500 to 199,500 SAR. The ref. 5131 is a one-of-a-kind design. This timepiece’s dial is adorned with an enamel globe depicting Earth as seen from the North Pole in the middle of it. Between 431,000 and 645,000 Riyals is the price range for the rose gold or platinum model of this work of art.

If you’re shopping for a vintage World Time watch, be sure to check the time zones to make sure they’re still accurate. Moscow and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) are now only three hours apart, down from four in the past. Several of the city names on the city ring have been altered as a result of these alterations. For example, Riyadh has been replaced by Dubai.

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