Breguet is a blend of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With innovations like the tourbillon and “pare-chute” shock protection, they have transformed the art of watchmaking. Breguet had a few notable customers, including Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.


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Breguet Watches

Breguet is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious watchmakers, having been in business for more than 240 years. One of the most influential watchmakers in history, Abraham-Louis Breguet, quickly established himself as a leading choice for European nobility thanks to his groundbreaking inventions, including a tourbillon, Breguet overcoil and pare-chute. Aside from its contributions to watchmaking technology, Breguet is best known for its Breguet hands and numerals.

Breguet’s current catalogue features a wide variety of timepieces that are based on the company’s historic designs. Inspired by the company’s historic watches, the Classique and Classique Complication collections have been reworked for the modern market.

The skeletonized dials of the Tradition collection watches draw attention to the intricately decorated in-house calibers with their off-centre time displays, despite their similar aesthetic. The Reine de Naples and Héritage collections are worth a closer look for fans of unusually shaped timepieces.

In honour of Breguet’s first wristwatch, the oval cases of the Reine de Naples series result in stunning women’s watches. There are barrel-shaped (or “tonneau”) models for both men and women in the Héritage collection.
The Marine and Type XXI collections offer a more contemporary look. In contrast to the earlier watches, the Type XXI series is inspired by pilot’s watches from the 1950s and features many classic Breguet details. Syringe-shaped hands and luminescent numerals are two of the most distinctive features.

Regardless of which Breguet timepiece you choose, you can rest assured that it will be finished to the highest standard and powered by an in-house caliber. The majority of Breguet’s watches are made of rose or white gold, but titanium or stainless steel timepieces are also available. This watchmaker was one of the first to use anti-magnetic silicon components in their movements.

Breguet Watch Prices in KSA

Breguet watches can be purchased for as little as 20,000 Saudi Riyals on the secondhand market. Typically, you’ll get a pre-owned watch from the Classique collection or an older version of the Type XX.

Prices for current models range from 43,000 SAR to 112,500 SAR for the Titanum Type XXI, the large-date Héritage 5410, and the Marine Alarme Musicale.

In the case of tourbillon, perpetual calendar, or chime mechanism watches, prices quickly rise. Most of these are part of the Classique Complications and Tradition collections, which retail for between 431,000 Riyals and 1.03m Riyals. Similar prices are charged for diamond-encrusted editions.

Breguet Vintage pocket watches, on the other hand, are surprisingly affordable. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find a watch for less than 4,500 SAR.

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