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Gucci Watches

Gucci, an iconic Italian luxury brand, is renowned for its fashion and exquisite range of watches. Melding Italian craftsmanship with Swiss horological precision, Gucci watches are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and style. Whether you’re looking for an understated and elegant watch or bold and fashion-forward, Gucci has a timepiece to suit your style.

Popular Collections:

G-Timeless: A versatile collection that embodies the essence of Gucci’s design philosophy. These watches feature the brand’s iconic symbols, such as the bee, star, and heart. Prices for the G-Timeless watches can range from approximately 2,250 SAR to over 5,625 SAR.

Grip: A unique collection that stands out with its distinct design inspired by the world of skateboarding. The Grip watches have a modern appeal and can be priced anywhere between 4,500 SAR and 7,500 SAR.

Dive: As the name suggests, these are Gucci’s dive watches, combining functionality with the brand’s signature style. They are water-resistant and are perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. The Dive collection can range from around 3,750 SAR to 6,750 SAR.

Le Marché des Merveilles: This collection showcases Gucci’s creative approach to design, featuring intricate motifs and patterns. Prices for these artistic timepieces can vary from 2,625 SAR to 4,875 SAR.

Price Range in Saudi Arabia

Gucci watches, while a luxury brand, offer various prices for different budgets. The watches can start from as low as 2,250 SAR and can go up to 8,000 SAR or even more for some of their exclusive models.

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