Step into a realm of sophistication with Michael Kors Watches, where each timepiece glimmers like the desert sun across the pristine dunes of Saudi Arabia. Unveil the perfect union of style and affordability as you explore our collection, featuring the best prices in KSA, tailored to suit your desires.


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Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors, a world-renowned, award-winning designer, offers a luxury lifestyle that is chic, modern, and timeless. The brand’s watch collection is no exception, reflecting the sophistication and style synonymous with Michael Kors. With a blend of classic elegance and modern trends, Michael Kors watches are perfect for those looking to make a statement.

Popular Collections

  • Parker: A glamorous collection that often features sparkling crystals around the bezel and on the dial. These watches are perfect for evening wear or special occasions. Prices generally range around 634 SAR.
  • Runway: Known for its sleek design, the Runway collection offers both stainless steel and leather strap options. It’s a versatile watch suitable for everyday wear. Prices for this collection can start from 439.62 SAR and go up depending on the model.
  • Bradshaw: A bold collection that often features chronograph dials and a mix of colors. It’s a statement piece for those who like their watches to stand out. Watches in this collection can be priced around 845 SAR.
  • Lexington: Classic and sophisticated, the Lexington collection is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional watch. Prices for this collection hover around 555.80 SAR.

Price Range

Michael Kors watches offer luxury at an accessible price point. Based on the current market, the price range for Michael Kors watches varies from approximately 457 SAR to around 1,158 SAR. However, prices can fluctuate based on specific models, materials used, and ongoing promotions.

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