It’s no secret that the Patek Philippe Nautilus is a world-famous and highly sought-after premium timepiece. Its value has risen dramatically in the last few years, making it an excellent investment. Antique and especially vintage timepieces fetch exorbitant prices.


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Patek Philippe Nautilus Price in KSA

Patek Philippe has been making luxury watches since 1839. They are known for their unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Their watches are also known for being extremely accurate with a self-winding automatic movement.

The Nautilus is a watch that was designed by Gérald Genta in 1976 in response to Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series, Patek Philippe knew they needed to bring a sports model to the market for those with active lifestyles and the Nautilus collection of models was the result.

It was inspired by the shape of a porthole seen on seafaring vessels at the time. Most models feature a stainless steel case and bracelets but you can get a PP Nautilus in Rose Gold, White Gold or combinations of these.

The most distinguishable part of the Nautilus series is the octagonal bezel, that exists across every single watch in this collection.

Historically a Great Investment Watch

The value of the Patek Philippe Nautilus has increased in the last few years. The ref. 5711/1A-010 with a blue dial cost around 25,500USD in early 2015. In the spring of 2021, a mint-condition timepiece demands more than 100,000 USD.

This sudden rise can be attributed to the announcement of the end of production for the 5711. Additionally, the list price was raised from 25,000 to 30,000 USD leading up to the announcement.

In April of 2021, the successor model of the ref. 5711/1A-014 was launched at Watches and Wonders. This timepiece has an olive green sunburst dial, which is a first for the collection. It has a price of 34,893 US dollars.

Introduction to the Patek Philippe Nautilus Collection

Today, there are many variations of the original Nautilus including ones with rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum and stainless steel versions. There have been over 100 versions of the Nautilus produced throughout its lifetime.

Today, the Nautilus remains one of the best selling lines from Patek Philippe. Many people consider them to be among the finest wristwatches ever made.

Nautilus 5711

The Nautilus is one of the greatest sporting models produced by the company, it has become one of the most well-known wristwatches. The first timepiece was created in 1976 by Gerald Genta. The design of the sporty Nautilus was inspired by the portholes of the sea vessels. The 30th anniversary of the model was celebrated by the launch of a new Nautilus, the 5711/1P which came complete with a platinum case and bracelet. This watch is incredibly rare and sells for prices up to and over 2,000,000 SAR!

Patek Philippe 5711 in Black Qatar

The mainstream production model in 2006 was the 5711/1A-001, with the next major change on the blue dial 5711 in 2016 with the 5711/1A-010 and this stayed in production until 2021. The 5711/1A-001 and 010 are in incredibly high demand with aftermarket prices over 400,000 SAR in many cases, and the price continues to rise rapidly since the discontinuation of the blue sunburst dial 5711 in 2021. Patek Philippe soon after released the olive green dial 5711/1A-014 as its replacement.

Current 5711 Models in Production

3 Models are currently in production and can be purchased new from Patek Philippe, they include the Stainless Steel green dial 1A-014, Rose Gold brown dial 1R-011 and the luxurious diamond bezel olive green 1300A-01.

All of these have an incredibly long waiting list and so unfortunately the retail price is a dream for many.

Reference number Retail Price
5711/1A-014 137,265 SAR
5711/1R-001 232,641 SAR
5711/1300A-01 372,205 SAR

Nautilus Model 5712

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 is considered to be the 2nd most popular version of this classic design. It features a black or blue dial with a date window and hands set against either a Stainless Steel, Rose Gold or White Gold case.

A sapphire crystal protects the movement inside. The Patek Philippe Seal has been moved towards 2 o’clock in order to make room for the power reserve dial on this model.

Patek Philippe 5712 in Black Qatar

The current size for the 2021 Nautilus 5712 is 40mm by 8.52mm and comes equipped with the 240 PS IRM C LU Self winding Caliber. This model comes with the date and moon phase calendar functions, along with a power reserve of between 38 and 48hrs.

The list price for a brand new ref. 5712 in Saudi Arabia is from 176,805 SAR to 196,370 SAR, however, the waiting lists for this model from Patek Philippe are extensive and if your looking to get this model now you can expect to pay a higher amount from 3rd party sites.

Current 5712 Models in production

There are currently three different models of the 5712 currently produced as of 2021, one in Stainless Steel and the other two in precious metals.


This model is in a stainless steel model covering the bracelet/case and features a black and blue dial with luminescent coating, that comes equipped with a stainless steel strap and the standard functions for these models including date, moon phase, seconds and power reserve subdial.

KSA Price: 176,805 SAR


This is the 18-Karat Rose Gold version with the same features as the 5712 1A but the dial colour is black and has a brown alligator strap.

KSA Price: 196,370 SAR


This one is the 18-Karat white gold version, same features as other models and is similar to the 5712R it comes with an alligator leather strap, but this one is matte black.

KSA Price: 196,370 SAR

Nautilus Model 5726 – Annual Calendar with Moon Phase Display

In 2010, Patek Philippe introduced their annual calendar moon phases model called the 5726. This model features a unique dial layout where there are no numbers, instead, there is just a large circular ring around the edge of the dial.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 Stainless Steel Blue Nautilus Men's Watch Box & Papers Saudi Arabia

There are also five small circles within the larger circle representing each month of the year. On top of the dial sits a full moon-shaped disc that rotates once per day. When the moon rises above the horizon at night, the disc will rotate so that the crescent shape faces towards the user’s wrist.

At noon, when the sun sets, the disc will return back to face away from the wearer.

As well as being able to show lunar phases, the watch also shows solar hours and dates. The timepiece uses a self-winding mechanical movement that powers its display through energy stored in a rechargeable battery.

Current 5726 Models in Production

Reference number Retail Price
5726/1A-014 197,750 SAR
5726A-001 176,805 SAR

Nautilus Model 5980 Chronograph

Introduced in 2006, the Nautilus 5980 Chrono was designed specifically for those who want something more than just a simple sport watch. With its combination of a traditional chronometer complication alongside a perpetual calendar function, the Nautilus offers both accuracy and style.

It’s available in either silver or rose gold cases, while the straps come in various materials such as steel/rose gold dual-tone, rose gold and alligator leather.

Current 5980 Models in Production 2021

Reference number Retail Price
5980/1R-001 381,554 SAR
5980/1AR-001 276,829 SAR
5980R-001 267,532 SAR


Nautilus Model 5990 Travel Time Chronograph

Designed especially for travellers, the Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chrono ref. 5990 combines the precision of the Nautilus 5900 series with the convenience of a travel time feature. Its design incorporates a sapphire crystal on the front cover which protects against scratches and impacts. A second hand indicates the current hour and minute, while the skeletonized hand shows the hour for the local time zone.

Patek 5990 1A 001 Saudi Arabia

To ensure maximum legibility during periods of low light, the hands have been coated with luminous material. The Nautilus 5990 can operate independently of any external source thanks to its automatic winding system powered by a mainspring housed inside the case. The Nautilus 5990 is available in two different versions; stainless steel and 18-karat rose gold.

Current Patek 5990 Models in Production 2021

Reference number Retail Price
5990/1A-001 232,641 SAR
5990/1R-001 418,744 SAR

Nautilus Model 5740 Perpetual Calendar

With its innovative design, the Nautilus 5740 Perpetual Calendar has become a true icon among collectors worldwide. In addition to offering accurate timing functions, the watch includes a date window located between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. As the name suggests, the Nautilus perpetual calendar displays the correct date every single day without fail.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5740/1G Saudi Arabia

It consists of an ultra-thin mechanical self-winding rotor using its in-house Caliber 240 Q, one of the most advanced movements ever created by Patek Philippe with a 21k Gold Central Rotor at the heart of it. The power reserve is 38 to 48hrs allowing it to keep running when not being worn.

Only one model is currently available new in 2021 from Patek Philippe, which is the white gold case & bracelet version with a blue sunburst dial.

Current Nautilus 5740 Models Price List 2021

Reference number Retail Price
5740/1G 530,416 SAR

Nautilus Quartz Model 7010 – Date, Sweep Seconds

The Nautilus 7010 quartz watches are a perfect choice if you prefer a classic look but need your wristwatch to last longer than usual. These models come covered in diamonds, have rose gold bracelets and sapphire-crystal case backs.

Their high-quality Swiss Made Quartz calibres offer reliable performance and long life spans. They are water-resistant up to 60 meters and their sleek designs make them ideal for everyday wear. These watches will never go out of fashion because they’re timelessly stylish!

Current Patek Philippe 7010 Price List 2021

Reference number Retail Price
7010R-011 – Silvery Opaline 139,615 SAR
7010R-012 – Golden 139,615 SAR
7010/1R-011 – Silvery Opaline 190,802 SAR
7010/1R-012 – Golden 190,802 SAR

Nautilus Model 7118 – Ladies Automatic

Patek Philippe Ladies’ Nautilus octagonal shape watches provide excellent timekeeping precision and unrelenting reliability. The ergonomic design is faultless.

The polished central links do not snag on wrist hair, the lug and case back feel sensual across the breadth of your wrist, and its secure clasp pivots its weight so that it remains a non-fatiguing presence. That’s what a high horology finishing gets you in a ladies’ watch – the constant pleasure and companionship of its company.

This watch is so thin that it feels like an experience of another era. It is 35.2 mm across, but its entire thickness is 8.62 mm, making it feel intimate and close to the skin. It easily hides under a cuff, something that few other luxury watches can do.

The Ladies’ Nautilus comes in 12 different designs from the flashy stainless steel and luxurious rose gold models all the way up to a completely iced white gold 7118/1450G.

Among the 7118 are 2 Patek Philippe Nautilus White Dial models, that are absent from the 2021 editions of all but the 7118 and 7010 – despite its desirability.

Current Patek Philippe 7118 Price List 2021

Reference number Retail Price
7118/1R-001 206,956 SAR
7118/1R-010 206,956 SAR
7118/1A-001 112,592 SAR
7118/1A-010 112,592 SAR
7118/1A-011 112,592 SAR
7118/1200R-001 232,538 SAR
7118/1200R-010 232,538 SAR
7118/1200A-001 144,200 SAR
7118/1200A-010 144,200 SAR
7118/1200A-011 144,200 SAR
7118/1450R-001 1,382,137 SAR
7118/1450G-001 1,382,137 SAR

Nautilus Model 5719 – Full Diamond Case, Bezel and Bracelet

A truly magnificent piece of artistry, this stunning full-diamond-set Nautilus features an octagonal face with a large diamond-encrusted dial surrounded by a ring of brilliant-cut diamonds. Its slender profile makes it suitable for both formal occasions as well as casual outings.

This watch also boasts a unique bezel made entirely of precious stones. Its slimness allows it to fit comfortably into any outfit; whether you choose black, silver or white, there’s no doubt about how striking this watch looks. With its distinctive style, it adds elegance to every occasion.

The Nautilus 5719 is equipped with a self-winding caliber 324 S C automatic movement. Providing it with date and sweep seconds functions. It’s a highly sophisticated mechanism, offering exceptional accuracy and durability.

Patek Philippe 5719 Price List 2021

Reference number Retail Price
5719/10G 1,738,667 SAR


Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions many are asking regarding the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

What did the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711-1A/014 in Olive Green Sell for?

The Olive Green Patek Philipe Nautilus sold for $376,000 (1.41m SAR), with fees taking the price to an astonishing $470,000 (1.75m SAR). This is incredible for such a recent release, marking an almost 1100% markup on the RRP of $34,893 (131,000 SAR)

Why is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 so expensive?

The simple answer is it’s one of the most expensive sports watches in the first place, but the huge price increases of the last few years have been the result of supply and demand.

Patek purposefully heavily limit the number of any particular model they produce, leaving a very limited supply of the most popular model with huge demand.

The fact Patek discontinued the White Dial and Blue Dialed models in 2020/2021 only intensified this demand.

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