Rolex Sky-Dweller

The Rolex Sky-Dweller, introduced in 2012, is the most complex Rolex watch available. The Sky-Dweller is a recreation of Rolex’s original dual-time timepiece intended exclusively for flight personnel and pilots.


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Rolex Sky-Dweller Prices in KSA

The Sky-Dweller is a stunning timepiece with an annual calendar and ‘Gmt, dual-time features. ‘” The Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph is one of Rolex’s most complex models, yet the Sky-Dweller equals and maybe exceeds that complexity.

The original Sky-Dweller was released by Rolex in 2012. Originally, this 42 mm gold version was the only one available. Two-tone versions of the watch are now available from Rolex in stainless steel and gold.

The ref. 326934 in stainless steel and white gold is worth a closer look for those who like a more subtle style. In addition to being one of the most economical Sky-Dwellers, the model with a blue dial is particularly popular. Keep an eye out for refs. 326938 (Everose gold) and 326935 if you prefer yellow gold timepieces.

In terms of pricing, the Oyster bracelets for both watches are made of solid gold and are at the top of the Sky-line. Dweller’s Alligator-leather straps are also available in gold models.

The Sky-Dweller is equipped with an in-house timepiece, the caliber 9001. This movement boasts a 72-hour power reserve and is certified as a Superlative Chronometer like all recent Rolex models. This distinction means that the watch only deviates from the reference time by a maximum of +/-2 seconds per day.

However, the caliber 9001’s Ring Command bezel is what actually sets it apart from the rest. All 30 and 31-day months are included in the movement’s calendar. There is no need for manual intervention other than at the end of February each year.

The Sky-Dweller uses a 24-hour disc to show the additional time zone. It’s common for users to set this feature to their home time and then to adjust the central hands to the local time when they’re on vacation.

Sky-Dweller Pricing in KSA

Gold and stainless-steel – two-tone models – known as “Rolesor” by Rolex – make up the entry-level versions in the Sky-Dweller range. As an example, consider ref. 326933 in yellow gold and stainless steel. 18-karat yellow gold is used for both its bezel and the middle links of its three-link Oyster bracelet. If you find one in mint condition, it’ll cost you roughly 71,250 Saudi Riyals; if you find one used, it’ll cost you around 67,500 SAR! With a list price of 64,300 SAR, this model is a good investment.

White gold and stainless steel Rolesor watches have the reference number 326934. This model’s band is made of solid stainless steel, which lowers its stated price to 54,000 SAR. The yellow gold and stainless steel edition, due to higher demand costs significantly more at roughly 25,000 SAR more on the used market. You can get this watch for roughly 78,750 SAR brand new or 76,800 SAR used.

For 54,000 SAR, you may purchase the blue dialled Rolesor Sky-Dweller with reference number 326934. As a result, this stainless steel and white gold watch variant is even more sought after and, consequently, more expensive. To get one of these watches, you’ll have to put up with a wait of at least a year. Because of this, many watch collectors are willing to pay a hefty premium to expedite the delivery of their timepieces.

In mid-2018, you could have bought this watch for 80,500 SAR. On the aftermarket in 2020, the same watch would cost 95,600 SAR new and 93,750 SAR pre-owned. Between 71,250 SAR and 73,150 SAR, the white-dialled version is substantially more inexpensive.

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