Discover an exceptional collection of Tissot Watches at the Best Prices in KSA, they are renowned for their precision, durability, and timeless designs. Elevate your style with these Swiss-made timepieces, featuring advanced technology and premium materials for a luxurious experience.


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Tissot Watch Prices

Tissot, a renowned Swiss watch brand, offering a diverse range of timepieces within an accessible price bracket for consumers in Saudi Arabia (KSA). On the secondary market, they generally range from SAR 708.75 to SAR 7,822.50, with the median asking price being approximately SAR 1,552.50.

Tissot Watch Collections

Take a closer look at the distinct pricing of each Tissot collection in Saudi Riyals (SAR), and discover the perfect watch that aligns with your financial preferences without compromising on style or performance.

  • Seastar: Dive into Tissot’s Seastar collection, where prices range from SAR 1,087.50 to SAR 7,822.50, offering excellent choices for aquatic enthusiasts.
  • T-Classic: Elegance and timelessness define Tissot’s T-Classic collection, with pieces priced between SAR 780 and SAR 3,510.
  • Le Locle: Inspired by Tissot’s Swiss heritage, the Le Locle collection showcases a price range of SAR 1,091.25 to SAR 2,265, blending tradition with innovation.
  • PRS: For motorsports lovers, Tissot’s PRS collection provides a dynamic range of watches priced from SAR 1,065 to SAR 3,641.25.
  • Heritage: Tissot’s Heritage collection pays homage to its rich history, offering timepieces with a price range of SAR 708.75 to SAR 6,352.50.
  • Touch: Experience cutting-edge technology with the Tissot Touch collection, featuring watches priced between SAR 1,050 and SAR 3,187.50.
  • Couturier: The Couturier collection by Tissot elegantly combines style and precision, offering watches priced from SAR 798.75 to SAR 2,246.25.
  • PR 100: Boasting durability and reliability, Tissot’s PR 100 collection has a price range of SAR 851.25 to SAR 1,781.25.
  • T-Sport: For those seeking an active lifestyle, the Tissot T-Sport collection offers watches priced between SAR 858.75 and SAR 1,305.
  • PRC: Tissot’s PRC collection delivers both performance and style, with watches priced from SAR 817.50 to SAR 2,152.50.
  • Everytime: The versatile Tissot Everytime collection caters to any occasion, featuring a price range of SAR 888.75 to SAR 1,170.
  • T-Trend: Showcasing chic designs, the Tissot T-Trend collection offers a consistent pricing of SAR 817.50 for all its fashionable watches.
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