Royal Oak

The Porthole inspired Audemars Piguet Royal Oak features an octagonal bezel with eight screws. This coveted Swiss luxury watch is a benchmark in the industry. The most expensive variants have a perpetual calendar and a minute repeater.


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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Price in KSA

Most watches in Audemars Piguet’s inventory are in the Royal Oak line. The series’ entry point is women’s watches with quartz movements, with stainless steel variants costing around 84,395 Saudi Riyals. The price of a gold watch with diamonds is approximately 165,000 SAR. There are stainless steel variants starting at 118,000 SAR and white or rose gold models starting at over 296,000 Riyals for men.

Among the most sought-after vintage watches are those from the 1970s. It sells for around 251,000 SAR on the secondhand market for a well-maintained Royal Oak 5402. For the collection’s 20th anniversary, the manufacturer released ref. 14802, which is a favorite among fans. Expect to pay anywhere from 202,500 SAR to more than 870,000 SAR for this watch depending on the model and its condition.

The Royal Oak is also available in a variety of configurations. Chronographs are among the most sought-after watches, costing between 150,000 SAR and 375,000 Saudi Riyals, and are extremely popular. Prices for models featuring a tourbillon or perpetual calendar can range from 562,500 SAR to 919,000 SAR, depending on the model.

As a reliable investment, the Royal Oak saw a large rise in value between early 2020 and late spring 2021. For example, the market value of the ref. 15202ST increased by roughly 50% throughout this time period. If investing in luxury watches, the Royal Oak is a strong candidate.

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