5 Reasons to Buy a Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Nautilus is the latest addition to the line of watches that bear the name “Nautilus” and it’s one of the most interesting new timepieces in recent years. It was designed by Gérald Genta, who also created the famous Royal Oak series by Audemars Piguet.

This model has been developed with an eye on style as well as functionality. The result is a very attractive piece that will appeal not only to those looking for something different but also to collectors of fine mechanical wristwatches. While we can all appreciate the beauty of a classic design, sometimes modern technology makes sense too.

With that said, here are five reasons why owning a Patek Philippe Nautilus is worth every penny:

1) A Beautiful Design – The Nautilus features a design that combines elegance and simplicity. Its case measures 42mm wide x 14.7 mm high, making it slightly larger than its predecessor, the Calatrava. However, despite being bigger, the overall size remains comfortable enough to wear all day long without feeling too large or heavy.

The dial itself is made up of two parts; the upper part displays hours, minutes and seconds while the lower half shows the date at 12 o’clock. Both sections feature Roman numerals and Arabic numbers along with three subdials located at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

These subdials show the chronograph functions including stopwatch, lap timer and countdown timer. They can be used independently or together depending upon your preference.

In order to make sure they don’t get lost when wearing the watch, each function is marked out using luminous material. There is no need to worry about them getting covered up either because the hands themselves glow brightly so you won’t miss any important information.

 2) An Elegant Look – One thing that makes the Nautilus stand apart from other models bearing the same name is the fact that it looks more like a traditional dress watch rather than a sports watch. As mentioned earlier, the dial is divided into two halves, the top section showing the hour markers and the bottom displaying the date.

On both sides of the dial, there are small lugs where the strap attaches. Each lug contains a hole through which the bracelet passes allowing you to adjust the length of the band according to how much space you have available between your wrists.

If you prefer a longer look then simply slide the clasp back until it clicks into place. You’ll find that the Nautilus fits comfortably even if you’re wearing gloves due to the way the straps attach to the case.

The combination of these elements gives the Nautilus a classic yet elegant appearance that will complement almost any outfit.

3) Durable Construction – Another reason why we think the Nautilus deserves our attention is because of its quality construction. Unlike many modern pieces, the Nautilus doesn’t use plastic components such as cases or bracelets. Instead, it uses 316L stainless steel which means that it will last forever. Even though it may seem expensive compared to some other brands, you shouldn’t expect to pay a few thousand riyals to own a watch that will still work after several decades.

We know that people often buy luxury items thinking that they will appreciate their value over time but unfortunately, this isn’t always true as is the case with brands such as Hublot. The Patek Nautilus models have a proven track record of appreciating at a very high rate on the second-hand market!

By contrast, the Nautilus is constructed with precision and care. It’s not only durable but also very attractive in terms of style. This is one of those watches that you should consider buying for yourself or someone else who appreciates fine craftsmanship.

4) A Great Investment – If you want an investment piece that will increase in value over time, then the Nautilus might be what you’ve been looking for. After all, owning a well-made product that has stood the test of time is something everyone wants.

The Nautilus model ref. 5711/1A as an example has appreciated in value tremendously in a relatively short period of time, with the retail price of around $30k it now reaches prices well over 100k since being discontinued in early 2021! Any owner who managed to get it brand new has now achieved over 300% return on their original investment.

5) A Classic Design – There are plenty of reasons why we love the Nautilus design. First off, it’s simple enough to understand without being too complicated. Second, it offers something different from all other similar designs out there. Thirdly, it provides a timeless appeal that appeals to everyone regardless of age or gender. Finally, the Nautilus’ clean lines give it a classy feel that complements almost every ensemble. Whether you choose to pair it with jeans and sneakers or formal attire, the Nautilus will never fail to impress.

The Bottom Line

Is The Patek Philippe Nautilus Worth Buying?

We’ve already mentioned how much we like the Nautilus design and now we’re going to explain why we believe that it’s worth purchasing. The first thing that makes us fall in love with the Nautilus is its classic look.

If you don’t mind spending money on a high-end product then you’ll find that the Nautilus is perfect for any occasion. You can easily dress it down with casual outfits while wearing it at night adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. Regardless of what kind of lifestyle you lead, the Nautilus fits into it perfectly.

Next, we have to mention the durability factor since this is another important aspect of owning a good watch. As previously stated, the Nautilus utilizes 316L stainless steel instead of cheaper materials. This ensures that it lasts longer than anything made using inferior metals.

Lastly, we’d like to point out the fact that the Nautilus has been around for more than 100 years. It’s one of the oldest watches still available today. With such longevity behind it, you know that you’re getting a quality timepiece that will last forever (if maintained and looked after carefully).

So, if you’re ready to purchase a luxury item but aren’t sure which model to buy, consider checking out the Nautilus. We think that it’s definitely worthy of consideration!

Why Should I Get One Of These Watches?

If you’re interested in buying a new watch, chances are you’ve probably heard of the brand name “Patek Philippe” before. They’re well-known as some of the best brands in the world when it comes to making Luxury Watches. Their reputation extends far beyond just their products though; many celebrities wear pieces from the company because of their status among collectors. However, even those who aren’t familiar with the brand may recognize the famous logo used throughout their collection. That distinctive symbol represents the history of the company itself. Founded back in 1839, the firm originally started out selling pocket watches. Over the next few decades, Patek Philippe began producing an impressive line of wristwatches. The Nautilus series is a more recent addition being released in 1976, with the incredibly popular Nautilus 5711 and 5712 being released in 2006 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus collection.

What Makes The Nautilus Series Special?

There are several things about these watches that make them stand apart from others. For starters, they feature a unique dial layout that allows for easy reading. In order to achieve this effect, each individual number is separated by a thin black bar. Additionally, the hands themselves are also very distinct. Instead of having two separate numbers, the hour hand actually consists of three parts. Each part contains a small dot representing the minute hand. Another interesting detail is the use of Roman numerals rather than Arabic ones.

How Much Is A Watch Like This Worth?

When looking at the price tag attached to a piece like this, it might seem like a lot of money. But keep in mind that the value of a watch depends largely upon its condition. When considering whether or not to invest in a particular model, always take note of the overall appearance. Also, be aware that certain models tend to sell for higher prices than others. If you want to find out how much your favorite luxury item would cost if purchased today, check our Price Guide page. It will help you determine what kind of investment you should consider based on current market trends.

The Most Popular Patek Philippe Nautilus Models

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5700 Series

Nautilus 5710 – $1,500,000

This was the original version of the Nautilus. Released in 1977, it features a white gold case measuring 42mm wide x 12mm thick. Inside, there is a self-winding mechanical movement that powers the entire device. There are no complications included either.

Nautilus 5711 – $2,200,000

Released in 2006, this model has been updated slightly since the first release. While still made using white gold, the case size has increased to 44mm wide x 13mm thick. On top of that, the bracelet now uses stainless steel instead of yellow gold.

Nautilus 5712

In 2007, another update came along. This time around, the case size grew to 46mm wide x 14mm thick while the bracelet remained unchanged. Both versions come equipped with automatic movements.

Which One Should You Buy?

While all three models have similar specifications, we recommend going with the 5711 over the other two simply due to the fact that it looks better. As mentioned earlier, the design of the dial makes it easier to read. Plus, the additional space inside the case gives room for larger components such as crowns and pushers.

Where Can I Get My Hands On These Pieces?

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5800 Series

Nautilus 5801 – $3,100,000

One of the most expensive versions available, the Nautilus 5801 measures 46mm wide x 14mm thick. Made entirely of platinum, it includes a self-winding mechanism inside along with a date display.

Nautilus 5802 – $4,400,000

One of the rarest models ever produced, the Nautilus 5802 is one of only five examples known to exist. Measuring 47mm wide x 15mm thick, it is made entirely of solid silver. Its design incorporates a large central disc surrounded by smaller discs. Nautilus 5900 – $5,800,000

Another extremely limited edition, the Nautilus 5900 is considered to be one of the finest timepieces ever created. Featuring a 43mm diameter case, it is made entirely from rose gold. With a total weight of 1kg, it can easily fit into any man’s suit pocket.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 6000 Series

Nautilus 6001 – $7,600,000

 A special edition of just 50 pieces, the Nautilus 6001 is an absolute stunner. The case itself is made up of 18 carats of pink diamond and weighs approximately 2.6 kg. The dial is covered in diamonds as well.

Nautilus 6002 – $8,300,000

Made exclusively for Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Nautilus 6002 is another stunning example of fine craftsmanship. Measuring 45mm wide x 16mm thick, it is crafted from 18-carat rose gold.

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