Since its inception in Nyon, Switzerland in 1980, Hublot has made waves with its unique designs, materials, and high-end craftsmanship. Designer Carlo Crocco established the tone with his debut collection, which featured the world’s first gold watch on a rubber strap. This watch also launched the brand’s now-iconic screw-down bezel. Crocco modeled the timepiece after a ship’s porthole. Interestingly, “Hublot” means “porthole” in French.


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Buying Hublot Watches in Saudi Arabia

If your looking to buy a Hublot in KSA then you are in the right place as we have all types of Hublot watches listed and available to Saudi citizens.

We show the best prices for Hublot watches online so that our customers can get their desired product without any hassle. You will find different models of Hublot watches from the most trusted retailers online shipping to Saudi Arabia with all prices available in SAR.

To find more details on any watch shown at KSA Luxury then you can click through to go to the retailers’ product page for more images, warranty info and detailed specifications along with shipping details and cost.

Hublot Watch Price in KSA

Hublot watches start at 4,500 Saudi Riyals. From the 1980s and 1990s, most quartz-powered model-200, Classic models’ can be found at this price bracket.

Your cost will be higher if you want something more recent. Quartz three-hand Classic Fusion models in stainless steel will set you back at least 13,100 SAR.

Chronographs with automatic calibers and titanium cases can easily cost more than 30,000 Riyals. The most economical Big Bang models start at around 26,600 SAR.

Special editions, such as the Big Bang Chrono Tourbillon Ferrari, can cost upwards of 287,500 SAR. As a last note, the MP collection’s futuristic clocks sell for anything from 656,000 SAR to 1.78m SAR.

Hublot: Modern and Flashy – Stand Out

The Swiss watchmaker continues to push boundaries by combining modern materials such as titanium or ceramic with traditional ones like precious metals. The result? A distinctive design that stands out from other watches of similar price points.

For example, Hublot’s latest model, the Big Bang Diver 300m, features an all-ceramic case made entirely of zirconium oxide. It was developed specifically for this watch because it can withstand extreme temperatures without loosing any strength. Other models include the Big Bang Titanium series and the Big Bang Carbon Fiber series.

The Different Hublot Models

Hublot have a vast range of different models and styles available, with a timepiece that will suit anyone! The Big Bang series is the most renowned and has a huge range of models within it – we will go over just a few of them.

The Big Bang Titanium Series

This line includes three different versions of the same watch — one stainless steel, another blackened, and finally a titanium option. Each comes with either 18k rose gold or white gold cases with sapphire crystal windows.

All are powered by automatic movements, but each offers something special. The Big Bang Titanium Automatic Chronograph boasts a 42mm diameter x 12.5mm thick case crafted from solid titanium.

Its movement is housed within a water-resistant shell measuring 40mm wide x 13mm deep. The dial is protected by mineral glass while the hands and hour markers are coated in rhodium.

The Big Bang Titanium Black Edition, meanwhile, uses a brushed finish on both sides of the case. Inside, you’ll find a self-winding mechanical movement encased in a 44mm diameter x 14mm thick titanium casing.

Finally, the Big Bang Titanium White Edition combines polished titanium with a matte finish. Both have a scratch-resistant coating and come with a leather strap. Prices range between 13,000 SAR -15,000 SAR.

The Big Bang Carbon Fiber Series

These watches feature carbon fibre cases ranging from 38mm to 45mm in size. They’re available in two finishes — matt or glossy. The latter version costs around 8,250 SAR. The former is priced at about 6,750 SAR.

These pieces offer a more sporty look than their metal counterparts. Their lightweight construction makes them ideal for active lifestyles. You won’t need to worry about scratching your wrist when wearing these watches.

The Big Bang Fusion

In addition to offering several variations of the Big Bang Titanium Series, Hublot also created the Big Bang Fusion. Like the previous models, this piece is comprised of various parts including a titanium case, a sapphire crystal window, and a quartz movement.

However, unlike the others, the Fusion incorporates a number of new technologies. First off, it’s equipped with a helium escape valve system that allows air pressure inside the case to equalize with atmospheric pressure outside.

Second, it utilizes a microprocessor chip that controls the functions of the watch. Third, it employs a magnetic charging system so users don’t have to remove the bracelet before recharging. Lastly, it contains a built-in GPS receiver that tracks user location via satellite signals.

As far as pricing goes, the Fusion starts at just under 37,500 SAR.

The Big Bang Diamonds

If you want to go big, then check out the Big Bang Diamonds Collection. Available only in platinum, they measure up to 50mm across and weigh over 100 grams.

There are four options: the Big Bang Platinum 1/100th, 2/50th, 5/25th, and 10/20th. Priced starting at 562,500 SAR, these watches will make anyone feel rich in person yet a little poorer in your pocket.

The Big Bang Big Bang

For those who prefer an even bigger statement, there’s the Big Bang Big Bang. It measures 55mm across and weighs nearly 200g. Made entirely of precious metals like silver, gold, and palladium, it features a diamond-studded crown surrounded by diamonds embedded into the band itself.

A total of 442 diamonds were used during production. And if all of that isn’t enough, the Big Bang can withstand temperatures reaching -40 degrees Celsius. That means it should survive being submerged underwater for months without any damage.

If you’d rather not spend thousands of dollars on such a large watch, consider checking out the Big Bang Limited Edition. With fewer stones, it retails for less than half the price.

The Big Bang Tourbillon

As mentioned earlier, Hublot produces some pretty impressive timepieces. One of my favourites is the Big Bang Tourbillon. Measuring 43mm wide, it boasts a 42mm diameter stainless steel case made of 18k rose gold plated alloy.

Inside, it houses a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic mechanical movement. Its tourbillon mechanism consists of 32 jewels and 24 hours of power reserve. To top things off, it comes with a black leather strap featuring a buckle clasp. At almost 112,500 SAR, it may seem expensive but it’s worth every penny.

Reasons to Buy a Hublot Watch

So you need some additional convincing to choose a Hublot over the competition? Lets get started with some common questions you might be wanting to ask.

What kind of person would wear a Hublot?

Well, someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. The company offers many different styles and sizes, each one more extravagant than the next. They’re available in both men’s and women’s collections. For example, the Big Bang series includes everything from simple chronographs to complicated perpetual calendars. You’ll find them in a variety of materials ranging from traditional metal to exotic gemstones. Some pieces feature elaborate engravings while others sport bold colours or patterns.

Why buy a Hublot instead of another type of watch?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose Hublot over other brands. Here are three of the most common ones:

1) Quality & Craftsmanship

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, no other brand compares to Hublot. Their products are designed using state-of-the-art technology and their manufacturing processes ensure precision and accuracy. Each part of the process is carefully monitored to guarantee flawless results. From design to assembly, Hublot takes pride in producing exceptional timepieces.

2) Design

Another reason why so many people love Hublot is because of how beautiful their creations look. Every piece is meticulously crafted to perfection. Whether you opt for something classic or modern, you won’t have trouble finding your perfect match.

3) Price

Finally, when it comes to value for money, few companies offer as much bang for your buck as Hublot does. Many of their watches retail at under $10,000 USD. However, they don’t skimp on style either. Most models come equipped with premium materials and intricate details. So whether you want a timeless classic or a flashy new model, you’ll definitely get what you pay for!

Is a Hublot really worth buying?

If you’ve got the cash burning a hole in your pocket, then yes, a Hublot will certainly make sense. But keep in mind that these aren’t cheap watches. On average, they cost anywhere between $5,500-$15,000 USD. While this might sound steep, I think it’s well worth it. After all, you only live once right?

It should be noted that Hublot Watches have been depreciating over time, so make poor investment timepieces – unlike Rolex and Patek Philippe. So Hublot is only really worth buying if you want it due to its impressive and flashy style!

Where do I find them online or in stores?

You can purchase a Hublot watch through various retailers like Amazon, eBay, and even department stores such as Nordstroms. If you’d prefer to shop locally, there are several boutiques around the globe where you can pick up an amazing Hublot watch. Just search Google for ‘Hublot boutique’ and see what pops up.

The best places to buy Hublot Watches online tend to be from those who specialise in Luxury Goods or more specifically Luxury Watches. These will have the in-house expertise to ensure authenticity and proper care of the goods in their possession – with a higher level of after-care support if required from the customer.

Saudi Luxury displays all the Hublot Timepieces available from such retailers, in an easy to browse manner – so you can find your perfect watch quickly and easily!

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes, Hublot offers multiple size options including small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large. The larger the dial diameter, the bigger the case width. For example, the 52mm Hublot Big Bang features a 46mm wide case while the 43mm Hublot Big Bang measures 42mm across.

Can I customize mine?

Of course, if you buy directly from Hublot or an authorised reseller! You can choose any colour combination you wish, add custom engraving, and select from a variety of straps. It’s important to note however that not every Hublot Watch is compatible with every type of strap. Some may require leather, some nylon, others metal.

What about a warranty?

All new Hublot watches feature a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty varies if buying a second-hand model

What other brands are similar to Hublot?

There are plenty of other brands out there offering similarly stylish and luxurious watches. Here are just a handful:

How long does it take to receive my order?

This will depend on which retailer you purchase from but most orders arrive within 3 days but sometimes longer depending on stock availability and whether you are having it delivered within a city like Riyadh or to a more rural location. We recommend placing your order before 1pm EST Monday to Friday to avoid delays. Orders placed outside of business hours will usually still be processed the next day though.

Saudi Prices List: Hublot Watches

Watch Series Price From
Big Bang 32,608 SAR
Classic Fusion 23,214 SAR
King Power 46,877 SAR
MDM 10,474 SAR
MP-06 215,407 SAR


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