The ultimate sign of opulence, power, and aristocracy. Rolex timepieces are the ideal method to make a statement about your personality: elegant and well-off.

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Rolex Watch Price in KSA

Prepare to spend far more than the list price if you want to avoid long queues when purchasing your Rolex. On the second-hand market, a stainless steel Submariner Date ref. 116610LN costs about 47,000 Saudi Riyals, which is over 8600 SAR above the official list price. a stainless steel GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLRO will set you back significantly more than the 116500LN Daytona. They’re nearly three times as expensive as what the manufacturer recommends, at 97,500 SAR and 71,270 SAR, respectively.

There are also less expensive alternatives. Most pre-war vintage watches, like the Oyster Sport Aqua ref. 3136, and the women’s Precision Super Balance ref. 4211, start at less than 4,500 Riyals.

Where To Buy a Rolex in Saudi Arabia?

Finding Rolex Watches to buy in Saudi Arabia can be a tricky proposition, with international stores which provide limited warranties and sites that don’t even provide any models of Rolex sitting in the search engines.

At Saudi Luxury you can find all the watches available for delivery to the KSA and their prices in Saudi Arabian Riyals. The Rolexes shown here are from retailers within the MENA region, such as The Luxury Closet and The List which are based in Dubai and have listings specifically for Saudis, with warranty, shipping and returns hassle-free.

Buying a Pre-owned

As you may already know following your last visit to the local Rolex store, there is a significant waiting list for most brand new timepieces. Absent an established relationship with an authorised reseller you are unlikely to be able to get your hand on one – so your next option is to check out the pre-owned market.

Unfortunately, you’re almost certainly going to have to pay a higher price than the RRP for Rolex Timepieces in excellent condition, however, there is a vast selection available to buy online today with a scale of different conditions from unworn to well used which will be reflected in the price you will need to pay.

The first Rolexes were simply pocket watches and timer stopwatches that Wilsdorf acquired, converted and sold as wristwatches, but they rapidly became coveted objects in their own right.

Rolex steadily built its reputation as a luxury watchmaker during the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression. Rolex became one of the world’s most famous luxury brands, outranking even Omega who had been arguably the most famous brand at the time.

Where to Buy Online?

The world’s most famous luxury watch brand, Rolex is now available for purchase online in Saudi Arabia. The Luxury Closet, The List, Farfetch, and other high-end merchants sell Rolexes ranging from SAR 15,500 to more than 60 times that amount for the diamond-encrusted and limited edition models.

Can I get a Rolex Delivered to Riyadh?

Rolex watches have long been one of the world’s most recognized luxury goods, but with online availability now, obtaining a Rolex has never been easier. The appeal of purchasing a pre-owned Rolex online comes from being able to search across multiple retailers for the best price. With all retailers on this site shipping to Riyadh and all other major cities across Saudi Arabia! With shipping times often just a few days.

Rolex Watches List Price in KSA

Model Ref. Price
Daytona Rainbow 116595RBOW 1,152,000 SAR
Vintage Submariner 6538    520,000 SAR
Day-Date 228238    135,000 SAR
Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN      97,500 SAR
Cellini Date 50515      65,500 SAR
Sea-Dweller 126600      58,500 SAR
GMT-Master II “Batman,” 116710BLNR      62,000 SAR
Submariner Date 116610LN      46,500 SAR
Submariner No Date 114060      41,000 SAR
Milgauss 116400GV      35,000 SAR
Datejust 126300      36,000 SAR
Air-King 116900      29,000 SAR
Explorer 214270      31,500 SAR
Oyster Perpetual 39 114300      24,000 SAR
Prices are estimates and for guidance only.
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