Rolex Watches, with a history of innovation and craftsmanship, symbolize global success and style. Boasting groundbreaking technology, iconic designs, and collaborations like Formula One racing, their century-long reputation for excellence exemplifies luxury and prestige.


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Rolex Watches Price in KSA

Rolex watches for both men and women vary in price depending on the model, ranging from SAR 5,754 to SAR 451,787. The Daytona and Sky-Dweller models are among the most expensive with a price range of SAR 76,176 to SAR 456,313 and SAR 84,541 to SAR 201,392, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Explorer and Air-King models are relatively more affordable, priced from SAR 11,985 to SAR 34,676 and SAR 19,576 to SAR 63,575, respectively.

Compared to other countries, the prices in KSA can be higher due to import duties and taxes, but can also be lower due to local market competition. Nonetheless, it reflects the brand’s reputation for luxury and quality, and many consumers are willing to pay a premium for these prestigious timepieces.

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Where To Buy a Rolex in Saudi Arabia?

Finding them in Saudi Arabia can be a tricky proposition, with international stores which provide limited warranties and sites that don’t even provide any models of Rolex sitting in the search engines.

At Saudi Luxury, discover a wide range of watches available for delivery to the KSA, all priced in Saudi Arabian Riyals. The showcased Rolexes are sourced from reputable retailers in the MENA region, including The Luxury Closet and The List, both based in Dubai. These retailers cater specifically to Saudi customers, ensuring a seamless experience with warranty, shipping, and hassle-free returns.

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