The Air-King is Rolex’s pilot’s watch and is one of the most reasonably priced models available from the Swiss brand. Its design is dynamic, beautiful, and functional, and it is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Thus, it’s the ideal timepiece for almost any situation.


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Rolex Air-King – Flying High

As of this writing, the Rolex Air-King (reference 116900) retails for 24,200 Saudi Riyals. On the KSA secondary market, however, most models are sold at a little higher price than their retail value due to the general shortage across most Models of Rolex Watches in Saudi Arabia.

Prices for pre-owned Rolex Air-Kings start at roughly 11,250 SAR for earlier ref. 5500 versions and rise based on factors including the specific reference, dial/bezel variance, and general condition. If you’re looking for a Rolex Air-King watch, it’s best to buy an older model. However, some vintage Rolex Air-King watches may be more valuable than their modern counterparts because of rare dial variants on earlier models.

A fluted bezel in 18k white gold was added to the Rolex Air-34mm King’s model in its most recent iteration. Previously, the watch had always been made of stainless steel. Diamond-set dials were also available in this generation of Air King watches – making the collection akin to the Rolex Date from the same era, albeit without the calendar complexity. Typically, these ref. 114234 watches are priced higher than their 114200 or 114210 counterparts because of their use of high-quality materials.

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