Explore this exclusive collection of Police Watches in Saudi Arabia (KSA), featuring unparalleled craftsmanship and cutting-edge designs. Enjoy the best prices on these bold, stylish timepieces known for their unique blend of urban-inspired aesthetics and rugged durability, perfect for the modern trendsetter.


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Police Watches

Originating from Italy, Police stands as an emblem of urban and edgy style since 1983. More than just a watch brand, Police encapsulate a lifestyle, offering sunglasses, jewelry, and perfumes. Their watches, however, have carved a niche for themselves with their unmistakable designs, bold aesthetics, and affordability, catering to the contemporary individual seeking a statement timepiece.

Popular Collections

Navigator: Embodying the spirit of adventure, these watches are tailored for the modern-day explorer. With features like water resistance and durable straps, they’re perfect for those with wanderlust. Prices typically range from $60 (approx. 225 SAR) to $120 (approx. 450 SAR).

Legacy: A nod to the brand’s rich history, the Legacy collection fuses vintage designs with today’s functionalities. Ideal for those who have an affinity for classics with a modern twist. These watches are priced between $70 (approx. 263 SAR) and $150 (approx. 563 SAR).

Adder: Daring and distinctive, the Adder collection is recognized for its unique snake design that coils around the wrist. A blend of audacious style for those who dare to stand out. The collection starts at around $80 (approx. 300 SAR) and can go up to $160 (approx. 600 SAR).

Hydro: Tailored for water enthusiasts, the Hydro collection offers water-resistant watches without skimping on style. Whether it’s the beach or the pool, these watches are the go-to choice. Prices hover between $50 (approx. 188 SAR) and $130 (approx. 488 SAR).

Price Range in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

While Police watches are celebrated for their affordability, their diverse range ensures there’s something for everyone. You can find a Police watch starting from around $50 (approx. 188 SAR) and stretching up to $300 (approx. 1,125 SAR) for the more premium models.

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