Discover the timeless elegance and unmatched precision of Seiko Watches, a prestigious collection that effortlessly blends Japanese craftsmanship with innovative technology. Elevate your style and punctuality with these affordable yet sophisticated timepieces, tailored to suit both casual and formal occasions while making a statement of luxury and reliability.

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Seiko Watch Price in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, they typically sell between 612.28 SAR and 19,251.20 SAR on the secondary market, with a median asking price of 1,105.44 SAR.


Seiko is a renowned Japanese watch brand that offers a variety of high-quality timepieces at affordable prices. This analysis will explore the different collections available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), comparing and contrasting them based on their prices, features, and styles. We will also provide suggestions to help you choose the ideal Seiko watch collection based on your preferences.

  • Prospex: The Prospex collection is perfect for those who appreciate sporty designs and a diver aesthetic. Known for their robust build and professional-grade features, Seiko Prospex watches are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Prices for the Prospex collection in KSA range from 796.72 SAR to 18,397.48 SAR. An example from the Prospex collection is the SRP777, with a market price of 1,029.44 SAR in KSA.
  • Seiko 5: The Seiko 5 collection offers exceptional value and durability, making it ideal for those looking for a reliable everyday watch. With an emphasis on functionality, these watches often come with automatic movements and additional features like day-date displays. The price range for the Seiko 5 collection in KSA is between 755.76 SAR and 4,902.24 SAR. The SNK809 model from the Seiko 5 collection is priced at 357.00 SAR.
  • SKX: With a reputation for robustness and reliability, the SKX collection is perfect for those who want a solid, no-nonsense watch. The collection offers a variety of diver watches with classic designs, making them suitable for both casual and professional settings. In KSA, the price range for the SKX collection is between 864.80 SAR and 2,004.08 SAR. The SKX007 model has a market price of 1,311.64 SAR.
  • Presage: If you’re seeking a versatile, stylish dress watch, the Presage collection is an excellent choice. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements, Presage watches offer a sophisticated appeal for formal occasions and business settings. The price range for the Seiko Presage collection in KSA is between 932.48 SAR and 11,449.20 SAR. The SRPB41 model from this collection is priced at 1,067.84 SAR.
  • Chronograph: For those who appreciate functional elegance, the Chronograph collection features timepieces that combine style with practicality. These watches offer various timing functions, making them suitable for sports enthusiasts and busy professionals. The price range for the Chronograph collection in KSA is between 792.76 SAR and 7,512.08 SAR. The 6138-0040 model from this collection has a market price of 2,669.60 SAR.
  • King Seiko: The King Seiko collection offers a touch of luxury within the Seiko brand. With refined designs and superior craftsmanship, these watches are ideal for those who appreciate timeless elegance and exclusivity. In KSA, the price range for the King Seiko collection is between 1,361.12 SAR and 8,366.00 SAR. The 5626-7000 model is priced at 1,293.44 SAR.
  • Astron: Featuring GPS solar technology, the Astron collection is perfect for globetrotters and tech-savvy individuals. These innovative watches automatically adjust to the local time zone, ensuring accuracy and convenience for frequent travelers. The price range for the Astron collection in KSA is between 2,068.00 SAR and 10,877.88 SAR. The SSH003 model from this collection has a market price of 3,575.76 SAR.
  • Coutura: The Coutura collection boasts sleek designs and advanced functionality, making it suitable for modern professionals seeking a stylish, yet practical timepiece. With a focus on precision and innovation, Seiko Coutura watches are perfect for those who appreciate cutting-edge technology. The price range for the Coutura collection in KSA is between 891.52 SAR and 1,337.76 SAR. The SSC376 model from this collection has a market price of 916.64 SAR.
  • Recraft: Inspired by vintage designs, the Recraft collection offers a nostalgic appeal for those who appreciate retro styles. These timepieces blend the charm of the past with the reliability and functionality of modern watchmaking, making them perfect for individuals who want a unique and distinctive watch. The price range for the Recraft collection in KSA is between 763.28 SAR and 864.80 SAR. The SNKM97 model from this collection is priced at 616.64 SAR.
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