On the Apollo missions, the astronauts learned the importance of Omega’s reliability and precision. Coaxial escapement and Master Chronometer have only strengthened Omega’s reputation as a world-class watchmaker.


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Omega Watches

It’s more than just a status symbol and an accessory; it’s also a piece of jewelry that can be worn on any occasion. It may even become your most treasured possession, as it has been for many people over the years.

But before you buy one, there are some things to consider: What will you wear with this watch? Is the price right for what you want? Will the band fit your wrist comfortably? Do you prefer gold or steel bands? How large do you need it to be? You don’t want to buy something only to find out later that it doesn’t suit your needs!

To help answer these questions, we’ve put together some helpful information about Omega watches and where to buy one in Saudi Arabia.

Omega Watch Prices in KSA

One of Omega’s most popular models is the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. This chronograph was first introduced in 1957 by the manufacturer, who originally designed it for motorsports. However, this all changed in the 1960s when NASA began providing this timepiece to astronauts. When the Apollo 11 mission became the first to set foot on the Moon in 1969, it was accompanied by the astronauts on the lunar surface. Several Moon watches have been produced by Omega since the first Moonwatch was released. The Speedmaster Professional is the most accurate recreation of the original model. It has a stainless steel case back, a manual movement, and a plexiglass display. Pre-owned timepieces in Saudi Arabia sell for around 14,250 Saudi Riyals on the secondhand market for a new model with a stainless steel bracelet.

For an additional 2,250 SAR, you can get a model with sapphire crystal on both the front and back. Vintage models, such as the ref. 2998 from the 1960s, require an investment of approximately 69,400 SAR.

Limited editions are sought after by collectors and have the potential to increase in value. New prices for some models are significantly higher than their original list price, such as the “Speedy Tuesday” from 2017. The “Speedy Tuesday Ultraman,” its successor, was released in 2018 and went on sale within hours. It went from a launch price of 26,600 SAR to nearly 37,500 SAR by the end of 2020. There were only 2,012 of each model produced.

Another one is the “Darkside of the Moon” Speedmaster. At around 34,000 SAR, this watch has a scratch-resistant black ceramic case.

When you look at the most sought-after models, you’ll notice a steep increase in price. Depending on its condition, a Speedmaster “Snoopy” with a white dial can fetch anywhere from 123,700 to 153,700 SAR. This watch bears the name of a beloved Peanuts character.

Where To Buy Omega Watches in Saudi Arabia

If you’re looking for something classic, go with the eternal design of the Seamaster or De Ville collections. For a sportier look, explore the strong build and style of the Speedmaster collection. Are you shopping on a budget? Check online retailers like Farfetch, The List, and The Luxury Closet for new or pre-owned watches that are within your price range.

Getting a Brand New Omega Watch

If you want to get a brand new Omega watch, your best option is a local Omega boutique – with these located in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar. There are often waiting lists on some models, if this is the current situation you can try checking retailers like Farfetch, The List, and The Luxury Closet for unworn timepieces which are often available for the popular models.

The ability to get Omega Watches new is relatively easy, with an abundance of them in supply currently unlike Rolex and Patek Philippe where people are on waiting lists several years long!

Pre-owned Watches can be a great option

Buying a pre-owned Omega watch is easy and convenient, with many choices available for you! You can find a range of models available from Online retailers catering to Saudi Arabia within the listings on KSA Luxury all from well-established and trusted retailers – who guarantee the watches’ authenticity and offer excellent prices along with frequent deals and offers.

Buying Your First Omega Timepiece

For those who are looking to buy their first Omega watch, it is important that they find the perfect fit. This brand has watches to suit every occasion, from casual daily wear to formal occasions. An appropriate choice will ensure you can wear your Omega watch throughout your life and enjoy many years of fine craftsmanship.

Omega men’s watches are available in three major collections: De Ville, Seamaster, and Speedmaster. Each collection has a wide range of designs with different specifications. Depending on your lifestyle, you should choose the watch that best suits you. The next step is to find the right luxury watch retailer that will offer you the best deal.

Finally, you should enjoy your purchase. Omega watches not only look great but are an investment in sophistication and luxury that can last a lifetime!

Omega De Ville

The Omega De Ville is a simple elegant watch. It is a good choice for those who need a basic, casual watch to use every day. The Omega De Ville has been in production since the late 1960s and continues to be popular today.

Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster collection consists of watches with automatic, quartz, or chronograph movements. They are water-resistant, if not completely waterproof. The Omega Seamaster collection has serious divers watches in its lineup that are well worth checking out!

The Seamaster Aqua Terra is a popular choice for those who want a watch that can handle daily wear and tear.

Omega Speedmaster

This collection is for those who need a watch that can keep up with their fast-paced lives. It comes with the option of automatic or quartz movements and is water-resistant. It’s one of the sportier models from Omega with an energetic vibe emanating from it.

Omega Constellation

The Omega constellation was first introduced in the 1950s. It is a dress watch that can also be worn for other occasions. The collection has both quartz and automatic movements available, each with different dial styles to choose from.

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