TAG Heuer is one of the few brands that has such a strong connection to motorsport. Edouard Heuer founded the company in 1860, and it has been making chronographs ever since.

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Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer is among the few watch brands with solid motorsports relationships. This company has made timepieces since it was founded in 1860. The company began producing dashboard instruments for automobiles and aircraft as early as the turn of the 20th century.

In the 1960s, Jack Heuer, Edouard’s great-grandson, made Heuer watches the racing world’s de-facto standard. There is a cult following for the Autavia and Carrera and other TAG Heuer models like the Monaco. But the brand’s fans also love the newer collections, such as the Formula 1 and Aquaracer series of diving timepieces.

Although TAG Heuer was founded in 1889, the watchmaker has maintained a reputation as an industry leader ever since. Materials from motorsport and aerospace are frequently employed by TAG Heuer’s engineers, for example. With their Connected series, they were the first luxury watchmaker to enter the smartwatch market.

Tag Heuer Watch Prices in KSA

TAG Heuer, a prestigious Swiss watch brand, presents a wide array of timepieces to suit the discerning tastes of consumers in Saudi Arabia. On the secondary market, TAG Heuer watches are typically priced between SAR 806.25 and SAR 52,863.75, with a median asking price of approximately SAR 5,208.75.

This pricing spectrum reflects the brand’s commitment to offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship while accommodating a variety of budgets in the Saudi market.

The three-hand Aquaracer quartz diving watch with a price range of 1,760 to 2,700 Saudi Riyals is also quite affordable. For as little as SAR 4,100, you can own the same watch with an automatic movement. More recently, the Aquaracer Chronograph costs up to SAR 30,700 and is part of the Aquaracer line.

From about SAR 4,500 for a three-hand model with the caliber 5 to more than SAR 266,000 for a chronograph with the tourbillon caliber Heuer 02T and a diamond-studded bezel, prices for a Carrera vary greatly

If you’re looking for an Autavia, be ready to shell out at least SAR 9,000. For the same money, you can get a 2019 three-hand modern edition. The prices of vintage chronographs from the current catalogue range from SAR 18,000 to SAR 25,500. Vintage chronographs from the 1960s and 1970s are available for a premium price. It is not uncommon for these timepieces to sell for over SAR 90,000.

The three-hand Monaco in square form starts at about SAR 5,600. Chronograph versions start at SAR 9,400. Collector’s editions and vintage models can cost up to SAR 67,500 for a single unit. The most expensive Monaco V4 is the platinum model, which costs about SAR 268,000.

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