Rado watches are renowned for their innovative use of materials, as well as their supreme comfort and understated elegance. Rado is the place to go if you want a truly unique timepiece.

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Rado Watch Prices in KSA

Rado watches are known for their moderate pricing within the Swiss watch market, with typical secondary market prices ranging between SAR 4,416 and SAR 10,698 and a median asking price of SAR 6,791 in Saudi Arabia.

Popular collections for both men and women include the Captain Cook (R32505313) at SAR 4,500, the D-Star (R15965152) at SAR 4,181, and the HyperChrome (R32275152) at SAR 5,838.

Given these price points, Rado is ranked 21st most expensive Swiss brand and 34th overall – offering customers both luxury and affordability.

An Overview of Rado

Rado is known for using cutting-edge materials in its timepieces. In the early 1960s, the company began using uncommon materials like carbide and sapphire glass.

Rado remains highly interested in these materials today; it has concentrated on ceramics, particularly plasma high-tech ceramics and composites such as Ceramos, a ceramic-and-metal-based product. Lightweight, hard, and scratch resistant, these materials are also hypoallergenic–making them stand out from other watches. The cases, bands, and even the dials of these classically elegant, minimalistic watches can be made from a variety of materials–giving each one a distinctive look.

Brief History of Rado

Rado is a watch company based in Switzerland that was founded in 1917 by three brothers from Lengau. The company’s early years were spent producing watch movements for other brands, but in 1937 Rado Watch Co. began selling timepieces under its own name.

The brand joined the ASUAG (now Swatch Group) in 1968 and introduced its breakthrough product, the DiaStar 1, in 1962. Since then it has remained at the forefront of material science with watches made of titanium carbide or V10K, with a phenomenal hardness of 10,000 Vickers

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