Few businesses can match Cartier’s faultless creations in terms of luxury, competence, and experience. For more than 150 years, the business has been a leader in the watchmaking industry. This Parisian watchmaker actually made the very first pilot’s timepieces.


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Cartier Watches Price in KSA

When it comes to high-end wristwatches, Cartier is the only name you need to know. They have a large selection of products at various price points in their catalogue.

The Santos collection should be your first port of call if you’re looking for a square watch. It’s possible to find a pre-owned Santos timepiece for less than 4500 SAR that’s in fine working order. Versions in near-mint condition start at roughly 15,754 SAR. 18-karat gold models with diamond-studded indexes, on the other hand, can cost upwards of 135,000 SAR.

Santos 100 was released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Santos. In good to excellent condition, this watch sells for roughly 11,250 SAR, while never-worn specimens go for upwards of 18,000 SAR. Adding a tourbillon and diamonds increases the price significantly. The Santos 100 Limited Edition sells for around 900,000 SAR.

The Tank series can be purchased with a round or square case. Pre-owned quartz watches cost about 3,150 SAR. The price of new stainless steel Tank watches has risen significantly, with the most affordable model now costing almost 10,500 SAR. The timepieces in this series can go for well over 225,000 SAR. Tank Anglaise diamonds and automatic caliber start at roughly 360,000 Saudi Riyals for a Cartier version.

If the Tank and Santos collections’ square and rectangular casings don’t appeal to you, Cartier also makes timepieces with round case shapes. Around 11,250 SAR New or 6,750 SAR for a good condition stainless steel Pasha with an automated caliber. In addition, there are gold models with skeleton dials and diamonds priced at more than 450,000 Saudi Riyals each.

There are a lot more modern and sporty-looking men’s timepieces in Cartier’s Calibre de Cartier range, but they are still circular. The collection’s name is no accident: Its timepieces are powered by Cartier’s first-ever in-house movement. 38-mm and 42-mm cases are available, with the latter being better suited to broader wrists. A stainless steel model that has never been worn costs roughly 22,500 SAR. About 6,750 SAR cheaper for pre-owned automatic Calibre de Cartier watches

An Overview of Cartier

When it comes to the art of watchmaking, Cartier has always been a pioneer. They were one of the earliest watch firms to sell wristwatches during a time when the pocket watch was still the most popular kind.

Cartier has also established trends in terms of design. The Parisian watchmaker was the first to use a square dial in the early part of the 20th century. Cartier’s Santos watch, created in 1904 for Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, is one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world. The Tank is similar in this regard. When this rectangular watch was first introduced in 1917, it quickly became a fashion staple. Many famous people, including Andy Warhol, Elton John, Jacques Chirac, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent, have worn it over the years.

When it comes to Cartier watches, owners always have a tale to tell, thanks in part to the manufacturer’s attention to detail and the range’s adaptability. Old sports vehicles are evoked in the Roadster series, while the elegant Panthère collection pays homage to the elegant feline it honors.

The most expensive variants are made of white gold and set with diamonds, costing upwards of 450,000 SAR. The Pasha de Cartier, for instance, features a panther theme and an in-house movement. Some of Cartier’s next launches in 2020 will include in-house calibers, as the company stated in 2019. The black Santos de Cartier ADLC, the Pasha de Cartier with a vintage dial, and the huge Santos-Dumont XL are examples of these time pieces.

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