Embrace fashion-forward style with Coach Watches. Discover unique designs, iconic patterns, and contemporary collections at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.


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Coach Watches

Coach, synonymous with modern luxury and distinctive New York style, has offered quality leather goods and accessories since 1941. Over the years, Coach has expanded its product line to include watches that reflect the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, design, and innovation. Whether looking for an understated and elegant eye or bold and fashion-forward, Coach has a timepiece to suit your style.

Popular Collections

Preston: The Preston collection embodies the essence of modern elegance. These watches feature minimalist designs, often adorned with subtle Coach branding or iconic symbols. Depending on the specific model, prices for the Preston watches can range from approximately 1,100 SAR to 2,200 SAR.

Delancey: A collection that captures the vibrant spirit of New York, Delancey watches often feature bold dials, unique color combinations, and a mix of leather and metal bracelets. Prices for Delancey watches typically fall within the 900 SAR to 2,500 SAR range.

Ludlow: Celebrating the timeless beauty of classic design, the Ludlow collection offers watches with refined details, such as chain link bracelets and crystal embellishments. Ludlow watches are priced between approximately 1,200 SAR and 2,800 SAR.

Price Range in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Coach watches are a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering luxury at an accessible price point. Depending on the collection and specific model, Coach watches can start from as low as 500 SAR and go up to around 3,000 SAR for their premium designs.

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