Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss was designed specifically for scientists, engineers, and medical professionals who operate in environments where high-powered machinery or strong magnetic forces would render typical mechanical timepieces ineffective.


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Rolex Milgauss

The Milgauss is a rare occurrence in the Oyster Collection. It was the first Rolex watch to be resistant to strong magnetic fields due to a ferromagnetic shield. Since its introduction in 1956, the Milgauss has been protected from magnetic forces up to 1,000 gausses. What’s more, the watch’s name reveals its origin: These two words are joined in French to make the term mille-gauss.

The Milgauss is a 100-meter water-resistant watch with a screw-down case back and Twinlock crown (10 bar, 328 feet). As a result, it is not just for scientists who work with magnetic fields. Aesthetically, it’s suitable for the office, where many business people wear it daily.

The watch’s attractiveness is enhanced by a 40mm Oyster case and a three-piece Oyster bracelet with polished center links. One cannot miss the orange second hand, inscription, and minute scale along the dial’s edge. Both are easily identifiable. The Rolex Milgauss’s green sapphire crystal is another distinguishable feature.

Milgauss Pricing in Saudi Arabia

Only the reference 116400GV is still in production today; both the black and white dial variants have been discontinued. For 31,100 Saudi Riyals, Rolex still has the option of the 50th-anniversary black dial or the electric Z-Blue dial, both of which have been fitted with green sapphire crystals.

As a result of the limited number of Rolex Milgauss references, there is a large price disparity between the different generations. Pre-owned Rolex Milgauss watches typically cost between 22,500 and 30,000 SAR, although a ref. 1019 model from the previous generation can be had for as much as 93,750 SAR today. It’s worth noting that even the most inexpensive models of the hard-to-get ref. 6541 have sold for hundreds of thousands at auction.

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