Rolex Unveils New Line of Watches to Replace Cellini Series

In a statement released today, Rolex announced its newest line of watches, The Perpetual 1908. This new collection features innovative designs and improvements on its predecessor, the Cellini series, which will surely delight Rolex enthusiasts worldwide.

Here are some of the key features of the Perpetual 1908:

  • It comes in 18-karat yellow or white gold cases.
  • Each case is paired with a black or white dial.
  • Features the calibre 7140 movement.
  • Replaces Cellini.
  • Elegant and dressy design.
Rolex Perpetual 1908

Rolex’s decision to replace the Cellini series with the Perpetual 1908 stems from a desire to innovate and improve its long-standing tradition of producing quality timepieces. With the release of this new line, the brand is ensuring that they continue to offer only the best to their customers.

The model presented at Watches and Wonders 2023 (reference 52508) is priced at EUR 21,850 (~SAR 90,000). The rest of the models in the collection are expected to be similarly priced.

The Perpetual 1908 has garnered attention and positive reviews, with many watch enthusiasts calling it one of the most impressive releases in recent years. Its elegant design and exceptional craftsmanship will make it a popular choice among collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

For more details about the Perpetual 1908, visit the official Rolex website or consult authorized dealers. If you want to buy Rolex Watches in Saudi Arabia, check out the selection on our site!

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