Rolex Day Date President

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date was the first calendar wristwatch to incorporate both a date and a day of the week window on the dial. The model also debuted the President bracelet. The watch has a 36mm Oyster case, an automatic movement, and a Cyclops magnifying glass over the date window.


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Rolex Day-Date President Prices in KSA

At retail, the cheapest Rolex Day-Date model costs 124,350 Saudi Riyals when purchased new. From there, the cost of the case and the materials increases. Both the larger 40mm and 41mm models, and the white gold and Everose pink gold, cost more than the standard 36mm ones. Used models can be purchased for as little as 37,500 SAR on the pre-owned market, and the price varies widely based upon age, materials, and overall condition.

Many factors further influence the price of a Rolex Day-Date in KSA. Vintage watches from the 1970s are available for as cheap as 35,250 SAR. The price of a well-preserved timepiece from the 1950s and 60s might range from 37,500 SAR to more than 56,250 SAR. A Day-Date Bark or an Oysterquartz Day-Date from the late 1970s or early 1980s will cost you 9,400 to 15,000 SAR extra.

Modern models need a hefty commitment, with prices ranging from 118,000 SAR for a 36-mm yellow gold watch to over 244,000 SAR for a 40-mm platinum timepiece.

Popular Rolex Day-Date Models 2021

One of Rolex’s best-known models, the Day-Date, is certain to never go out of style. The President’s watch, which is made of precious metal and features a dial embellished with two calendar apertures, is sure to be coveted by watch collectors for generations to come. The white gold variant, which is now available in 36mm and 40mm ref. 128239 and 18239, as well as the 41mm Day-Date II ref. 218239 is in high demand. Those who want the grandeur of a Day-Date watch but don’t want to wear yellow gold should choose this watch.

Many Rolex collectors’ wish lists include gold editions of the ref 1803 and ref 18038, two of the most popular vintage Rolex models. It’s possible to have the Day-high-end Date’s look without paying the hefty price tag. Newer generation references 228238 (40mm, yellow gold), 228206 (40mm, platinum), 128239 (36mm, white gold), and 128238 (40mm, yellow gold) are also very popular on the secondary market (36mm, yellow gold).

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